Is God mad at America?

First let me say no, God is not mad with nor is He finished with America. Amid all the prophetic hype and the opinions of some pastors that God will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah if He doesn’t punish America is the witness of Scripture itself. First God says that Mercy triumphs over Judgement, He desires Mercy not sacrifice, and He loves Mercy, just to state a few Old Testament Words. Notice I quoted OT Scriptures you know the Books that are supposed to be about the angry God.

But lets look at Jonah. I love Jonah. Before I really knew God and experienced a steady stream of His Grace and Mercy I only saw things like Jonah saw them. God tells Jonah go to Nineveh, the Assyrian capital and preach repentance so He can spare this great city. Nineveh is a pagan city and yet God desires to show compassion to the people. Jonah rebelled because he disliked the Assyrians. After all they were sinners they deserved to be punished. God did some heavy persuasion, Jonah comes to obedience and preaches and the people repent. Jonah is angry because God did what Jonah knew He would do, relent on the judgement He planned and  grant the people repentance and salvation. God asked Jonah, “don’t you care about the people even the animals and the women and children?”. God showed great Mercy and Compassion toward unbelievers and sinners. How much more His people and the great nation of America that He has raised up for His purposes. God does not give us what we deserve but His Grace extends to us what we so desperately need, repentance, revival, a powerful move of His Spirit in His people and across our nation. God is not going to have to apologize to anyone for anything. Let’s be clear about that. He always does justice according to His will and good purposes. I am sure God has figured out the differences between Sodom and Gomorrah and what is happening in America today and He will do justice. In the meantime let us preach the compassionate gospel of Jesus Christ, repentance and forgiveness of sin and salvation for all of those who God grants true repentance especially His church. And may God grant us true revival.


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