Devotional:Fruit of the Spirit

When the Holy Spirit controls your life He will produce….the wonderful truth of being in Christ Jesus is that Christ Jesus is in us. He is our hope of glory. He takes responsibility for our success in living the Christian life. Does that mean we can sin as we wish? Paul says no of course not! We sin but sin does not rule and reign in our lives. The Holy Spirit produces The Fruit of the Spirit. Not Fruits but Fruit, it’s a cluster like good grapes that produce a fine wine. And guess what? When He produces He doesn’t fail. And since its a cluster be encouraged you are exhibiting all the Fruit. Many try so hard to “work at” each individual fruit. But the Fruit of the Spirit is the character of Jesus. When He comes to dwell within you, at your invitation, He brings all of Himself, all the Fruit. He doesn’t split Himself up. So be encouraged, stop working at, just get to know Him and as you do your love will grow and your love for Him will produce an ease of obedience. All the Fruit will be evident, Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Gentleness, Faithfullness, Self-Control


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