Are you a Peter? Me too!

There have been many times people have tried to “help” me or hurt me by explaining my spirituality or “lack” of it by calling me a Peter. This was usually an assessment of my outspokenness, bottom line approach, no putting up with nonsense, impetuousness. All the negative things religious people say about Peter was a mirror reflection of me. I was Peter’s spiritual twin. Yesterday I was reading a devotional about Breakfast by the Sea, John Chapter 21. It is the account of the restoration of Peter by Jesus after Peter denied Jesus 3 times at the high priest’s house right before the crucifixion Now it occurred to me, why did Peter splash into the water from the boat and swim alone to shore to meet Jesus? After all he left the rest of the disciples to do the hard work of bringing the fish onto shore. After all it was his idea to go fishing. I wonder if he was trying to head off some unfinished business with Jesus that he just as well didn’t want the other guys to see or hear. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not mad at Peter I just figured after all these years of being compared to him I might know him a little bit. Let’s go to Matthew 16:13-23, Jesus asks the Apostles as series of questions about His identity culminating in the question “who do you guys say I am.” Peter says “you are the Christ the Son of the living God.” Jesus then begins to give Peter his destiny in Christ, Peter’s destiny and function in the Kingdom of God. Now this was in front of the other disciples. Not to long after that Peter shoots himself in the foot and falls down into the natural man. Jesus corrects him and moves on, Jesus doesn’t remove Peter from leadership or the team He just corrects and moves on. In fact I see where throughout the Gospels Jesus has Peter in His inner circle molding and shaping him for purpose. Peter was always there during a miracle. Jesus was always lifting him into the supernatural . And Peter was always falling short. Well now we see the denial in a very public environment, the courtyard of the high priest. The epitome of religious law. And several disciples including Jesus’ mother. Are you beginning to see the theme here? Peter knows his sin, he is devastated . Jesus is crucified, God the Father raises Him up on the third day and He’s chilling walking around appearing to His Apostles. So not quite sure how long since the disciples saw Jesus but maybe too long for Peter. Now like it or not Peter is a leader. He is a “natural born leader” shortcomings and all. Even John follows him, the problem is right now that’s all Peter is doing leading in the natural. But this will be different. Peter needed to be reaffirmed publicly in front of the others to put him back on track spiritually before the view of the disciples. Peter was going to be a pillar of the church. No private meeting before the guys got there could do the work. Take notice, Jesus wasn’t trying to embarrass Peter or make him  apologize to Him in public because he had denied Him in public. Have you ever wondered what took place at the private meeting between Jesus and Peter revealed in Luke 24:32-34. Jesus had appeared to Simon. Nothing else is recorded about it . Is it possible they talked repentance and forgiveness? Probably, is it possible that this encounter was to restore him in his mind and heart as the leader Jesus called him to be. Just because Peter messed up Jesus did not take away his destiny, gifts, or calling. In fact He restored Peter before all the disciples so there could be a real moving on. Now I write all this to ask, is the enemy using fake friends, religious people, bad relationships to convince you you have blown it. Or everything is lost or you have to go back to square one and work your way back?? God says no you do not. Repent, forgive yourself, and move forward. You fell back into the natural? God can put you right back if you will let Him. Oh and the 3 times Peter had to answer Jesus….yes he denied Jesus 3 times but I also think Peter was s little slow. Read Acts 10:9-16.


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