The Apostle Paul writes to his friend Timothy,”I know whom I have believed and am fully persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed to Him until that day.” 2 Timothy 1:12. We understand that Paul is referring to Jesus. This Scripture reminds me of another verse in the Old Testament, worded in a little different way but just as passionate and dedicated in intent and life style. Joshua is speaking in Joshua 24:14-15, “… Fear the Lord, serve Him in sincerity , put away false gods…..if this seems to much to you go back to falsehood ….,But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua towards the end of his life reminds the people from where they have come, how God delivered them from bondage,and every promise spoken by God fulfilled. He then sums up his life  time of experiencing Gods’ faithfulness, with his commitment to serve God and most importantly to trust God. Why? Because  Joshua was fully persuaded by experience to trust God even with Joshua’s generations. What is so awesome about both men’s commitment is that God didn’t expect this commitment to appear out of thin air. They experienced God in circumstances and situations. God wants me and you to experience Him in our everyday lives so our commitments and declarations of Him are born out of relationship.  Chances are life will dish out plenty of opportunities for us to look up to heaven and ask God to help us trust Him and experience Him as He wishes to reveal Himself to us. Put Him in the drivers seat.  


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